Fire & Carbon Monoxide Safety Advice




 Please read the information below so that you and your family can enjoy a happy, problem free Holiday.

Cookers, Heaters, Barbecues and other fire containing appliances*  should never be lit in awnings or tents.

 *including fire pits, chimineas, braziers etc.

 FIRE PRECAUTIONS should be taken to ensure that if your Stove, heater, barbecue or fire container did get out of control and resulted in a fire you have satisfactory means of fighting the fire immediately.

  •  Have a fire blanket, full bucket of water or similar fire fighting appliance alongside you when using any Flame producing appliance
  •  Ensures barbecues are at least 2 meters from any fence or hedge.
  •  Protect children and make sure that they understand the dangers.
  •  Never light a fire on the ground and always use a stand, slabs or bricks for disposable barbecues (Never the ground).

CARBON MONOXIDE – the silent killer.

All campers should be aware of the risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning if they light a Flame producing appliance in awnings, tents and camping pods, either for warmth or to cook. Last year saw deaths and many more near-misses and everything possible should be done to guard against this.

Carbon Monoxide is poisonous and known as the ‘invisible killer’ since it is colourless, tasteless and odourless. It is produced when carbon (including gas, wood, oil or barbecue coals) is burned with insufficient oxygen. Carbon Monoxide poisoning happens when the gas is breathed in, even at very low levels. The symptoms are like having flu, but can lead to lasting damage to health and death. Victims will not be aware of their poisoning and the young and old are at particular risk.

Never take a barbecue, fire appliance or lit charcoal into an enclosed space like a tent, caravan or awning.

  •  Make sure camping lights and stoves are clean and properly adjusted.
  • The flame on any gas appliance should be a constant height and Predominantly Blue in colour with just a small orange tip. It the flames are burning predomanantly orange and/or dancing at different heights it can be a sign the appliance is faulty and producing Excessive Carbon Monoxide SWITCH IT OFF AND GET IT SERVICED
  • Alway fit a Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm in your Caravan or Motorhome
  • Before purchasing a Carbon Monoxide alarm for your caravan, motorhome or boat, always make sure it is marked to EN50291-2:2010. It should also have ‘The British Standards’ kite mark or other European organisation’s mark on it.
  • Not all Carbon Monoxide Alarms Sold in DIY Stores are suitable for use in a Caravan, Motorhome or Boat.

 Stay safe and enjoy a very happy holiday!!