Which awning will fit my vehicle

How to decide Which Awning is Suitable for your Vehicle

Before buying a driveaway awning please bear in mind that unlike a caravan Awning which is designed to have a snug fit to the straight sides of a caravan and has no back to it, a Driveaway-awning features a front and a back door. This basicly makes it a self contained tent. The Tunnel section that attaches to the van is only ever designed as a sheltered entrance and will never form a fully weathertight seal to your van.  The sides are only elasticated.


1st Take some measurements on your Vehicle

Decide where you want to fix your awning on your vehicle and measure the length A. The longest this can be is the length of the Awning Cord (a) on your chosen Awning. For Van based conversions we recommend you ensure the side door can be opened sufficiently to enter and exit the vehicle. For Coach-built Motorhomes check your chosen fixing points will clear any windows and Doors

Take distance B and C from ground level to the point your awning will be fixed to the vehicle. This will usually be the Gutter or Awning Rail or Fiamma/Omnistor Wind-out awning height. If you have no other fixing option and you are going to use straps over the roof the fixing height will be the top of the vehicle.


Remember a +(2 x b) is a fixed length of fabric on the awning tunnel that gives you the fixing to the vehicle (a) and 2 elasticated sides (2 x b). 

Most Manufacturers now give the Awning cord length and the height range of the awning so we no longer maintain a list of these on the website

We hope you find this information of use. If you have any other questions please email us.