Don't get caught out !! Correctly draining down your Campervan or Motorhome will save you £££

Don't get caught out.

As winter fast approaches make sure to drain down your motorhome.

If you have seen the price of replacing a tap in a motorhome then you'll defiantly want to make sure you have fully drained down you unit before the frosts arrive.

Save £££££ by correctly draining down  over the winter. With the average price of a  tap being around £80.00 to £100.00 and remember most are only made of plastic, so easily damaged by frost. That is before you think of the cost of the Hot Water Boiler and damage to furnishing that can be done. On average there will be at least 1 Litre of water left in the pipework after you have drained down using the traditional method of opening the drain down valves. Floe Kits simply use compressed Air to push any water out of the pipework. There is no dismantling of any pipework or fittings.

A Big feature of the Floe system that we do not think is featured enough is the way it also removes impurities, as well as stale and stagnant water trapped inside the system, improving the water quality and reducing the health risks from poor water quality.

We recommend that the kit is used throughout the year especially if the motorhome has not been used for a period of time.

Floe kits remove all the water and 99% of any bacteria and biological impurities from your caravan's water system. Used regularly during the summer months, it is the ideal solution to keep your system clean and water tasting fresh.

The Floe kit for inboard tanks found on motorhomes is easily fitted into the pipework, with all fittings included in the kit. Once fitted it is a simple case of using a 12v compressor on foot pump to pressurise the pipework tot he recommended pressure, you then open the taps one at a time to force out any remaining water. repeat this on all water outlets, not forgetting the shower. 

2nd Nov 2023 Ian John

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