Vango Driveaway Kit for 6mm & 6mm Rails 3m Set

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  • Vango Driveaway Kit for 6mm & 6mm Rails 3m Set
  • Vango Driveaway Kit for 6mm & 6mm Rails 3m Set
  • Vango Driveaway Kit for 6mm & 6mm Rails 3m Set
  • Vango Driveaway Kit for 6mm & 6mm Rails 3m Set


Our Opinion:-

Driveaway kit to allow the full drive-away capability of a driveaway awning. This is a 6mm to 4mm driveaway kit to allow you to attach a driveaway awnings to a standard 6mm awning rail and many makes of wind out canopy. The Vango driveaway kits contain 3 x 1m Strips of Fig 8 and a 3mm length of kador. They also come in a Handi zip up carry bag.

If you are unsure which kit you need you can use a 4mm and 6mm drill bit to determine the size of your wind out canopies awning channel. if it is 6mm then use this kit. For a 4mm channel then you need a 4mm/6mm driveaway kit.

What the manufacturer says:-

This Vango Drive Away Kit makes attaching and detaching your awning from your campervan or motorhome easy should you wish to drive away for the day and leave your awning freestanding. Simply slide the Figure of 8 sections onto the awning tunnel and then slide one edge of the Kador Strip into the Figure of 8 and the other edge into the C-profile rail fitted to your van at the same time. To detach from the drive-away awning simply loosen off front webbing straps and slide out the figure of 8 and double-sided Kador Strip. (Please note the figure of 8 and kador strip can be cut to the desired length to suit your awning/vehicle). Carry Bag Handle Colour - Blue.


  • Drive Away - Using the addition of a Drive Away Kit, detach the tunnel area of your awning from your vehicle and roll it away leaving your awning free-standing as you explore for the day. Keep a note of your parking position for when you return and re-attach the awning to your vehicle


PACKSIZE L79.0 x H5.0 x W5.0cm

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